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Study Arabic Abroad In Fez

Languacultural Center

At Morocco Host Network, we want to see you thrive here in Morocco.  We are convinced that the best way to do that is to truly enter into the life of our Moroccan hosts through transforming from foreign outsiders into steadily growing participators in the lives of our local friends and neighbors.  


 We help people get on a nonstop path to
 growing participation in Moroccan life!


Our languaculture (language + culture) program is built on the Growing Participator Approach (GPA) and uses its Six-Phase Program as our curriculum. We have an experienced staff of Language Learning Advisors and both male and female native speakers of Moroccan Arabic who will nurture you into their languacultural world.  

Just here for a few days?  We offer a 5-10 hour Crash Course for those whose time in Fes if short but still want to dive into the Moroccan host world.  Get skills that will help you with greetings, shopping, and eating! 

Are you anxious to study Arabic?  Our curriculum takes you on a well planned path from your first baby steps in this host world until you are growing in every conversation and interaction on your own for the rest of your time in Morocco.  

Do you have school age children?  We would love to help your whole family enter into the life around you.  Consider growing together as a family, playing and learning all at once.  

Have you studied Arabic before and are wanting to continue learning? Great!  We can taylor your language sessions to get you optimal growth!

Are you traveling in a group?  We have discounted rates for couples or small groups (no more than 5 per session for the most participatory experience).

For more information or to schedule sessions at our Languaculture center, email us at: