Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Homestay cost per night?

You can stay in a Moroccan home with full board for only 250dh per night per person.
We also have reduced rates available if you plan on staying over a week.

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Why should I visit Fes?

Fes offers the best of both worlds. In the New Town are found all the comforts and modernity of the 21st century, while all the qualities of a truly unique ancient city are embodied in the Medina. In the space of one morning, one can awake in the sights and sounds of Old Fes, drive through the Ville Nouvelle (new city) for a round of golf, and then return your homestay for a late dinner.


With its more than 13,000 historic buildings, the entire medina has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. The grandest of those in the Mediterranean basin, the Old City of Fes is also one of the largest car-free urban areas in the world. Readily accessible by daily direct flights from Europe, Fes captures the imagination even as it seamlessly merges antiquity with modernity.


Renowned World Traveler Paul Tanner states: “In the years which have passed since
I visited Fez. I have been lucky enough to visit most of the other medieval cities of Africa and Asia. Fez has not been surpassed in my memory.”

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How do I get to Fes?

Getting to Fes is not the challenge it once was. The city is well-serviced by air carriers from many cities in Europe and fast trains from Casablanca and Rabat. Travelers may also enter the country by ferry from Spain to Tangier, then catch a train or bus (the buses are actually quite nice) to Fes.

Direct flights to Fes are with the following carriers:

There are direct flights to Fes from the following cities:
Pairs (Orly), London (Stansted), Milan Madrid, Frankfurt (Hahn), Lyon Barcelona
(Girona), Brussels, Marseille, Dusseldorf, and Bologna

There are also direct flights from New York and Montreal to Casablanca, with several daily flights between Casablanca and Fes on Royal Air Maroc.

Train times can be found at the following web site:
Train tickets can be purchased at the train station without advance reservation and at a fixed price.

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What other services do you offer?

Moroccan Host Network can provide a licensed guide that can give you the history and culture of the old city with either a half day or a full day tour.  We can also provide transportation for your group if needed.  These additional services are made available to you without any additional markup over the cost of the provider.

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What is there to see and do in Fes?

From the medieval tannery (still in use) to the palm-lined boardwalk of Hassan Tania (the main street of Fes) there is much to see in the city of Fes. Travelers often find haggling for themselves in the Medina exciting, but there are also shops with fixed prices for those wanting a more sedate experience.

The ancient Medina of Fes is the world’s largest car free area and holds many sights of interest from ancient Quranic schools to beautiful modern cafes.

The new city has a cosmopolitan atmosphere with many upper class shops alongside more traditional markets.

Some additional resources on what to see in Morocco are available at the following links:

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Is it easy to get around Fes?

Getting around Fes is usually very easy and also cheap. Larger groups may have more problems, as Moroccan taxis by law can only take three passengers. A taxi ride from the Medina to the new city can cost as little as 10 dirhams ($1.30) and includes all three passengers. There is also a bus system that connects all around Fes and also runs out to the airport. Getting to the airport will require either a special taxi (called a Grand Taxi) which costs a bit more or other arrangements. MHN can assist you with getting to and from the airport.

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Is Morocco safe?

Morocco is extremely safe. However, we do encourage our guests to practice basic safety precautions. Should you decide to stay with us, we will send you a packet containing tips on staying safe in Morocco.

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