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  • Gate Boujloud,Fez Morocco

    Bab Boujloud

    One of the most famous Old gates of Morocco, the Bab Boujloud is surprisingly young. It was built as late as 1913 and marked the completion of Fez el Bali and Fez el Jedid. The gate is beautiful designed and crafted. As you enter the gate, note that the color of the mosaics change the outside blue reflects the color of Fez, while the inside green is the color of Islam. With Homestay Morocco you can learn more about the culture and life style.

  • Fes Old City Street Scene

    Street View of Old City

    This is a typical street scene in the old city of Fez. There is much to see and much to do. If you’re thinking about a weekend in a Hostel, consider a homestay. You will have greater privacy and your stay will include 3 meals a day. You will find the pricing competitive and the experience greatly enhanced. You can stay on a street like this in a house of a Moroccan family.

  • Opportunity to learn Moroccan Arabic

    Learn Arabic Language

    If you want to understand the culture of Morocco it would help it you were able to speak a little of the native language. In just a few short hours you can learn Arabic phrases to make your visit more enjoyable and profitable.

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  • Fez Morocco

    In the Heart of the Old Medina

    The Old City of Fes is the largest non-traffic zone in the world. It has 9,000 streets, more than 300 mosques and is a Unesco Heritage Site. You could spent a week exploring the various neighborhoods of the old city and never see the same thing twice.

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Our Homestay

With Homstay Morocco, You can stay in the old city of Fes without spending all your money on housing and food? 

We have over 15 Homestay Morocco families, the majority of these located in the Old City, ready to welcome you into their home.  Each home is prepared to welcome you and your group and give you a taste of Moroccan hospitality, food, culture and arabic language for as many nights are you prefer.  

You will enjoy world renowned Moroccan cuisine around the table with your Moroccan family. 


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Arabic Moroccan language classes.

Learn Arabic

With just 4 hours of language learning you will be able to move about the old city with greater ease and confidence.  In the old city, there is no fixed pricing and your knowledge of a few key phrases can say you hundreds of dirhams.  Moroccans will respond with delightful surprise when you speak just a few words of their dialect!


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